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Tranquility Colton by RizuGold Tranquility Colton :iconrizugold:RizuGold 2 0 PKMN- Milcah by RizuGold PKMN- Milcah :iconrizugold:RizuGold 1 0 Underwater by RizuGold Underwater :iconrizugold:RizuGold 3 0
A Family Mystery Uncovered
Sunday, Secret, Wallpaper, Swap, Sister, Curiosity, Island, Notebook, Marathon, Demand
Today was supposed to be an average, lazy, Sunday afternoon. Instead, Lucian was insistent, almost demanding, that Anthony and I to clean out our hordes. “A bit of spring cleaning,” the dark elf called it.
To me, a 400-year-old kitsune, it sounded pretty fun. The dragon and I were curious as to what we might have missed buried into the depths of our stashes that we may have overlooked or forgotten. But the dark elf had given us a challenge, for myself and for the dragon to swap hordes. That way we don’t miss anything.
I kept mine on a small island, well more on an inlet to try and keep the humans away from it. Anthony’s however, his you had to pass a certain amount of test, one of which still confuses me. You had to marathon a tv show and answer questions and you couldn’t look them up. Humanizing a dragon was a stupid choice in that aspect.
But it wasn’t there that
:iconrizugold:RizuGold 1 0
Anthony and I had met a microbiologist at the coffee shop we lived above one day who had discovered a way to detect the use of magick on a person. Something that would flag any type of abnormalities on the human.
Upon discovering this, we talked to her at length about the process and either it could prove that Lucian, a dear friend of ours hadn’t murdered the mayor’s daughter, that the male that was discovered dead did the deed while Luke killed the man. Even though he’s a dark elf, Luke wouldn’t dare harm a child.
She had to agree that it was a high profile case and that by doing this, it could help launch the study of magic further along. But she was also hesitant, she already had a large case load, but seeing as how that this was about the mayor’s daughter, she figured there was a way for her to take over. Even if just a little bit.
The study had already been published and many already knew of her rather large contribution to science. So there should be
:iconrizugold:RizuGold 1 0
Drama in and Out of the lab
Microbiologist, telephone, hidden, bystander, trench, inside, international, shoe, heights, persuade
While working in the lab, the telephone was ringing, hidden behind towering stacks of files that I had yet to get through. It was hard being the head microbiologist of a large city.
Being cooped up inside all day, running tests day and night. It didn’t help matters any that those damn magick folk appeared out of thin air and threw the laws of nature out of whack. They act like they’re bystanders, but they need to step up, help us update our technology. “Hello?” I answered the insistent call after doing a quick reordering of files, taking a seat as I checked the caller ID. An international call? Interesting.
I listened to their request as I clicked the heel of my shoe against the cement floor, absolutely atrocious to clean, but I couldn’t afford the sleek stainless steel.
“No, I can’t. I’m way to behind on work,” he was starting to ge
:iconrizugold:RizuGold 0 0
Elf Fairy by RizuGold Elf Fairy :iconrizugold:RizuGold 1 2
Hate usually loved going out and seeing all the sights, feel all the emotions pouring off people. But lately he hasn’t felt like it. He hadn’t been feeling like himself, the fiery red head had been sullener, keeping more and more to himself. Even Anger, his best friend didn’t know what was going on.
“Hate?” Sadness whispered, trying to get him to pay attention and he usually did, but this time, the extreme emotion actually pulled away. “Hate, what’s wrong?” the small blue emotion insisted on not being ignored.
“Nothing that concerns you,” was the unusally cold reply.
Discouraged and rejected, the small emotion left and Anger had seen the entire thing. “What the hell Hate? That’s a bit much even for you,” he snapped out, just like normal for him.
“It’s none of your concern,” he retorted in kind, irritated at all of the questions.
“You have no right to talk to Sadness like that,” h
:iconrizugold:RizuGold 0 0
Cuddles are the Cure
Tuli was in his shared room, counting his treasure despite the fact that he had done that earlier that week when Luke came in, his bad mood radiating off of him. Flopping face first onto his bed, Tuli looked over at him in worry, a sound bubbling from him.
Crawling over on his hands and knees, the fox peeked over the side of the bed, ears flickering as he tried to assess the dark elf. “Luke?” He meekly whispered, trying to gauge a reaction.
A hand twitched and slowly moved to pet the fox, but he made no comment as to what was wrong, Tuli had learned the hard way that if the dark elf didn’t make a comment as to what was wrong, he didn’t want to talk about it. So not pressing, the fox moved to cuddle up against the other male and with a shocking move, the elf pulled the other close for a hug. The elder moved to snuggle against him when he felt something wet hit his hair, alarm bells rang in his head, but the other was stronger than him and he couldn’t do any
:iconrizugold:RizuGold 0 0
Mature content
Pain vs Health :iconrizugold:RizuGold 0 0
Speaking for the Wind
“Leave me alone,” Tuli mocked before snickering. The others just shook their heads.
“Really?” Luke asked with a frown.
“Yeup! What do you think it’s saying?” Tuli challenged.
“It’s a breeze to be me,” Anthony chirped in and his response got him a dumbfounded look.
:iconrizugold:RizuGold 0 0
Worth it
The dragon had to think a moment, pondering such a question. “My new family. Tuli and Luke. They’ve opened my eyes to so many new things, I don’t think I could do anything else without them and what they’ve done.
They’ve taught me new ways, shown me more love than anyone before. I just, I adore them.”
:iconrizugold:RizuGold 0 0
“Magickvile,” Tuli started laughing hard at that.
“Seriously?” Luke asked with a deadpan face.
“But it’s true! All the fae folk live here now, so it’s nothing but magick.” Tuli insisted.
:iconrizugold:RizuGold 0 0
Lazy Days (the crew)
Tuli’s favorite way to spend a lazy day is to climb up to the roof of the coffee shop and lay in the sun. He may be part kitsune, but laying in the sun is any type of feline/canine creature.
Anthony will sometimes join Tuli on the roof, but the other way he likes it count his treasure. He may trust his roommates, but he is a dragon and habits die hard.
Luke, even on a lazy day, works on his spells and potions.Always diligent and wanting to make sure he has everything he needs in case of an emergency.
Annah and Lauren are a lot like Luke in that aspect, more-so the student rather than the teacher.
When they get the chance though, they hang out together. Wanting to spend time and have fun, since all five are dear friends.
:iconrizugold:RizuGold 1 0
More, More, More
Gluttony had never felt so full. The amount of greed and need to spend, wanting more and more. And despite having all they needed, they always wanted more.
More. More. More.
Always more.
Never content.
Despite being the embodiment of Gluton, he was sickened. How could people be so greedy? How could they want so much junk? They would never be fulfilled, never be content with this sort of things.
No one would ever be content in that sort of setting. And they knew this! They all knew this!
So why, why oh why, did they continue to want?
:iconrizugold:RizuGold 0 0
Mature content
Liar Liar (Lucian) :iconrizugold:RizuGold 0 0


Hey guys! Lu here. As most of you know, I finally graduated a few weeks ago! *party noises* I do have one class I need to retake and then I'm home free to become the worker's Lugia. In the meantime, I'd really like to start taking commissions to help pay for things that I need.
I have a few things left to take care of: two fullbodies and two chibis for TJ-Lame from LONG ago as payment for a pair of characters and a bunch of sketches for my old friend RizuGold of her characters in exchange for a Pokémon Blue cartridge. These are all super old and I'm so very sorry that it's taken me so long to finally get them done ;~;
I also have my half of an art trade with xXCandy-ChanDrawsXx and a father's day piece I started for my dad. The art trade is completed and the gift for my dad is about 50% done. I just need to draw in two characters and a spaceship behind them.
I do have a commission to st
:iconxlugialuver1x:xLugiaLuver1x 2 3
Makeup by SilentReaper Makeup :iconsilentreaper:SilentReaper 804 87 Poke-Girls: Back from Training by hao-asakura
Mature content
Poke-Girls: Back from Training :iconhao-asakura:hao-asakura 56 3
I'll stay with you. by DarkxZero23 I'll stay with you. :icondarkxzero23:DarkxZero23 44 25 Zero and Harp cloak doodle by DarkxZero23 Zero and Harp cloak doodle :icondarkxzero23:DarkxZero23 38 12 Over and X's double meme!! by DarkxZero23 Over and X's double meme!! :icondarkxzero23:DarkxZero23 18 7 Beta and X Art Trade by DarkxZero23 Beta and X Art Trade :icondarkxzero23:DarkxZero23 92 44 -Bad Machine- by DarkxZero23
Mature content
-Bad Machine- :icondarkxzero23:DarkxZero23 49 15
Devil Roll.Exe Commission 1 by DarkxZero23 Devil Roll.Exe Commission 1 :icondarkxzero23:DarkxZero23 81 17 -Snow Kissed- by DarkxZero23 -Snow Kissed- :icondarkxzero23:DarkxZero23 44 33 Colored Pencil Zero by DarkxZero23 Colored Pencil Zero :icondarkxzero23:DarkxZero23 84 40 Sunset by DarkSena Sunset :icondarksena:DarkSena 306 30 Young Near and Mello by Hybrid-Sunshine Young Near and Mello :iconhybrid-sunshine:Hybrid-Sunshine 3 0 Egyptian Gem Dragon by HowManyDragons Egyptian Gem Dragon :iconhowmanydragons:HowManyDragons 447 41 Pokemon Mew by AlviaAlcedo Pokemon Mew :iconalviaalcedo:AlviaAlcedo 5,588 377 Pokemon Go Set Preview! by rossdraws Pokemon Go Set Preview! :iconrossdraws:rossdraws 1,932 47


This has to be the cutest comic I have ever read. There was a part that i didn't know how I was suppose to read it but it didn't take m...



Tarot Readings
These are all done through notes, so if you'd like them please feel free to send me a note and will be payed in advanced or I will not tell you your reading.
If you have a specific spread, please let me know and also note that I am not someone who reads for a living, this is something to help me grow.
$1 for advice card
$2 for past/present/future reading
.50 cents for additional information card upin request
$3 for a 5 card spread
$7 for 10 card spread
Chainmaille Jewelry

For simple single and double ring designs:

9 in and below will be $5

9.1 in to 15 in will be $10

15.1 in to 20 in will be $15

20.1 to 30 in will be $20

For triple, fishtail and elaborate designs prices are doubled. They will take a lot of jump rings


My new avatar is curtosy of my friend GlowingArc
Tranquility Colton
Originally an Ace Trainer from Alola, after meeting Cineál he joined Team Tranquility

Pokemon belongs to Nintendo
PKMN- Milcah
I run a facebook page, Colton- Healer of Tranquility and my friend decided to convert her character into a pokemon trainer to join.
On tumblr her and Milcah are together so I converted him
Stippled dragon, pastel water
Fiber castel fine, extra small, brush ink pens
Pastel calk
So ive added DA to my phone so I can try to be more active here. So prepare for a spam uploading!!
So ive added DA to my phone so I can try to be more active here. So prepare for a spam uploading!!


RizuGold's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
My name is Liz, people call me Rizu-Chan or Neko-chan sometimes though. I love to write, draw and play the flute. I like to make AMV's when i'm bored and do take requests so if you send me a note saying what you want it about and a song then I will make it for you
I also write fanfictions for people; again just note me if you want one.
Current Residence: Ohio
Favourite genre of music: mix
Favourite style of art: Anime
MP3 player of choice: RCA
Personal Quote: Life is but embers in the wind. Some fading sooner than others but all fading in the end-by me


RizuGold has started a donation pool!
17 / 3,000
I'd like to get a premium membership.
I'll write a short story (be it a fanfiction or not), I'll draw you a picture as well.
Please and thank you

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